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Start using Kindle to ramp up your income

I’ve had one ‘physical book’ published and, boy, what an effort that was.  My ‘two minute message’ book earned me a bit of money and enhanced my reputation as an ‘elevator pitch’ guru. Since then I’ve written ten ebooks (for kindle and other devices), which has given me a lot more money and was a darned sight easier. The smallest of these ‘books’ is about four A4 pages (so we’re not talking blockbusters); it costs a few pence to buy and has more than doubled my website hits. That was the idea.

You might be the next J.K.Rowling with a fortune earning novel up your sleeve. Or you might be more like me: You got some expertise and knowledge and you want to use it to earn enough to pay for your next big family holiday (and the one after that).

Leaving aside your blockbuster novel, there may be other things you long to get distributed; your family history, your poetry anthology, your ‘how to’ booklet, your hobby experiences, your book of cartoons (I’ve done that!), your ‘ten ways of …’ your travel advice, your promotional pamphlet – and so on.

You could also write a business article or booklet to promote your expertise and attract interested visitors to your website.

Think about offering ‘instruction and training’ messages – anywhere, anytime via kindle or smartphone. I’m starting to offer versions of my top-level sales training programmes on kindle (or ipad, iphone, android etc). This is getting practical tips and information to sales people at their time and point of need.

You might want to do the same for your hobby, be it photography, wedding planning, travel, gardening, artistic skills. Your kindle ‘book’ can be about your hobby or passion.  You can see my range of offerings at http://www.kindlebooksplus.co.uk

Is it easyto do? Short answer is ‘yes’. Get your word document (of good content) sorted and I’ll tell you how.  Click the website for more information.

Get writing.


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